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MarketWatch, June 17, 2013
Retirement Playbook, Inc. Helps Employers Select Retirement Plan Advisors: Offers Free Service

Press Release
More Employers Want Knowledgeable Retirement Advisors to Help Improve Results in Their 401k or 403b Plan

Trisha Brambley, President of Retirement Playbook, Inc., a retirement plan consulting firm offering a full suite of services and tools to help plan sponsors select the best provider and advisory firm for their 401k or 403b plan, said today that the firm is seeing an increase in demand for the hire of plan advisors by using a formal Request For Proposal process. “There is an inherent fairness to using a RFP to obtain and compare information about different advisory firms.” [continue reading...]

Defined Contribution Insights, May/June 2013
A Plan Sponsor Guide to Advisor Selection
By Trisha Brambley

Three out of four 401(k) plans use the services of a plan advisory firm to help them evaluate the plan’s investment line up. We are seeing an increase in companies wanting to hire an investment advisor if they do not already have one. We have also noticed an uptick in companies who want to replace an existing advisor if they are looking for services beyond what the existing advisor can provide. [Download the PDF article], January 23, 2013
Why You Need to Consider Retirement Plan Advisor Due Diligence
By Trisha Brambley
Today, 75% of Plan Sponsors use the services of an Investment Advisor for their retirement plan*. Many of these plans (up to 75%) do not have a specialized Retirement Advisor while others may have outgrown the Advisor they do have. The providers too are seeing an increase in companies looking for that “best fit” Advisory Firm. A high quality firm can offer outstanding investment and retirement plan expertise. Plan Sponsors are looking for more from their advisors than ever before. Many want a more knowledgeable and specialized retirement advisor, or are looking for help supporting their employee education program or want help minimizing costs.† Committee members think about changing advisors as their plan, or need for help, grows. For these reasons, many Plans Sponsors embark on a due diligence process to find the best advisory firm for their plan and their employees.
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Defined Contribution Insights, May/June 2012
How to Get Younger Participants to Save for Retirement
By Trisha Brambley
If you sponsor a 401(k) plan, or provide services to one, you know the younger, lower-income employee is less likely to contribute at sufficient levels to achieve a comfortable retirement. According to EBRI’s 2011 Retirement Confidence Survey, only 32 percent of employees ages 25 -34 have even tried to calculate how much money they will need in retirement. Download How to Get Younger Participants to Save for Retirement (PDF).