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Retirement Playbook, Inc. can complete a robust due dilligence process for you from start to finish. We’ll help you understand the differences between advisory firms, benchmark their services, and help you select a new firm or compare your current firm to others. We save your committee time and resources, available for your specific needs 24/7. Learn more … This is the solution for plan committees who have the time and resources, and would like to perform the advisor search process themselves. We’ll provide you with everything needed to make the process thorough and complete, including an educational class for the committee, access to our online evaluation site and database of advisors, background and insurance checks, RFP template and tools for the finalist interview,  a matrix for the evaluation of the finalists, and more. Learn more …  In order to stay competitive, plan sponsors should review their plan’s services and fees every 3 years. Retirement Playbook, Inc. can document that your plan fees are reasonable and competitive–an important responsibility for Plan Fiduciary Committees. Learn more …  Download our free Advisor Search Request For Proposal template and sign-up to get a 30 minute, no obligation advisory search consultation to get you started. Learn more …