Advisor Due Diligence

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Our comprehensive Advisor Due Diligence Service offers step-by-step guidance around the analysis and selection of the plan advisor. We document the entire process for you so that you can feel secure in your decision and fiduciary obligations.

As one of the most experienced advisor search consultants in the US, we provide expert guidance around whatever aspect you need—from the entire project, to only some aspects of it.

We offer 3 levels of service to suit your needs:

Full Advisor Search
Modified Search
Express Search
We will handle all aspects of the search from a kick-off meeting all the way through to your selection.
For those that want to take on more of the work themselves, we offer even more help in the selection of your candidate with our database of plan advisors. By starting with a smaller group of pre-vetted advisors, the process can be expedited.
Just need help with a few parts of a search? We can benchmark fees, develop your shortlist, conduct the background check or simply be available on your speed dial while your firm conducts the search.

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